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Slept quite well last night, Scattipotimus woke me up at a quarter past five demanding to be fed but at last I had a good five hours.

I got a bit weepy last night while chatting to my Dad, everything just seemed to get on top of me at once; Christmas, wedding pressure from Chrissy's family, Mum's will, being on my own so much and a million other little things I can do nothing about he listened and reassured me till I felt a bit better then I headed off to bed at about midnight. Only another 19 days til he gets here.

In other, potentially exciting news I have a job interview on Friday, the original time they gave me clashed with my hospital appointment but I managed to re arrange it so I can go to my appointment first then on to my interview, it's not ideal but I'll have to make do as both are very important.

Finally, I just watched an episdoe of Doctor Who called "Blink" on BBC iplayer and it scared the crap out of me - HORRID!

I should shift my arse, Chris needs a pair on trousers ironing for work.
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