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Farewell 2008 I can't say it's been a pleasure.

What's everyone doing for New Year tonight? I am off out for a quick drinkie with Flora and Cheryl at 4pm and when they head off to Thornhill for disco type things and I will come back here to assemble a prawn ring for Chrissy, cook a quiche and otherwise prepare nibbles for our mini "Good Riddance to 2008" party.

My skin looks oddly bronze, I think I will re-apply my war paint before I go out.
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I'm spending the evening with Sadie.
Oh YAY! Hello Sadie, Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven't been in touch, things have been busy and manic here with Xmas and my Dad. Speak after the weekend. xx
It's ok, puddy, I know you've had lots to do and you've wanted to make the most of having your Dad staying. :) Hope you've been having a nice time. xx
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I've been drinking.

Deleted comment

I'll second that - fingers crossed this year is a good one, god knows we deserve it eh? xx