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Not quite green fingers but perhaps a green pinky.

Grow my pretties!
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I just thought I would post a few of photo's from the easter weekend. I planted lots of sunflower seeds last week and noticed last night that a few of them have little shoots. I am really excited and hope I can grow at least some of them to full size. They are miniature sunflowers, our garden doesn't get enough sun for full size ones.
I also need to post the pics I took of the ivy cuttings I took from my wedding bouquet, although a couple of the stems are now looking a little worse for wear most of them are thrivng and have new stalks and leaves growing on them.

If you click on the image there are three pictures one of which is me having my Frappé Latté on Easter Monday. The weight loss is going so well that I didn't want to ruin it by gorging of choccy eggs so I opted for a coffee instead.

Not much else to say just now, still battling terrible depression and have re-doubled my efforts to find a job as I am certain getting ack to work will lift my spirits and improve Chrissy's mood no end.
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