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vinctus's Journal

4 February 1977

I was born at home in a medium sized suburb in the South East of England called Woodford. In 2008 I moved to a small mountain town in The Trossachs region of Scotland. It was a new start for me although it was overshadowed by tragic circumstances which took the shine off what might otherwise have been an exciting time. This wonderful country with all it's history and magnificent scenery instills me with a real sense of peace and tranquility the likes of which I've never been able to find anywhere else. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

I used to describe myself as Goth which, if you listen to popular opinion, means I worship Satan, drink blood, wear black lipstick and sleep in a coffin. However these days I tend to refer to myself as alternative as over the past 2 years I have evolved into a more well rounded character and embraced many more aspects of my culture as opposed to restricting myself to just one.

I'm an amateur photographer and passionatly enjoy taking photographs particularly of landscapes and wildlife. I like Dogs and have a little Dachshund/Jack Russell called Gus who's 7 (human) years old now and a Chinese Crested/Border Terrier called Archie who we think is around 18 months old. We re-homed and my Dad's little silver tabby not long after we moved here, her name is Scatty and I think she hates me.

I'm passionate, pretty complicated, highly emotional and think far too much. Sometimes I like to be alone, sometimes I hate it. I have a very small group of friends whom I love and I hope they love me. My life is never simple and there is a lot I would change if I could.

Since first writing this bio back in 2004 I have turned 30 and left the miserable decade that was my 20's behind. I am now 31, definitley older and wiser.

My Live Journal:

I started using my Live Journal regularly in January 2004. The account was opened the previous spring but was only used twice during the remainder of 2003.

Should you read this Journal you'll find it's an accurate record of my moods throughout the day/month as well as the events in my life both planned and unplanned, exciting and mundane, happy and tragic. It's all there though. You won't need to read between the lines.



Archie post-haircut.Scatty Argyle Road.

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