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I'd sigh with relief if my lungs didn't hurt so much.

My Dad and I have just returned from our final shopping trip of the year, we bought the last of the Christmas food, a trifle bowl and my Dad bought me a couple more pressies while I picked up a couple of things for Cheryl. The last 2 hours have been spent wrapping presents and curling ribbons while I forced my Dad to write gift tags. We are both very tired and haven't eaten all day, we're looking forward to going no further than the meadows to walk Gus tomorrow and relaxing on Christmas day (Chris is cooking the turkey dinner THANK GOD!). My left lung is inflamed from running around and taking preventative inhalers so the cats don't trigger any allergies and I am generally knackered, I am so glad we bought beer, vodka and whisky today, I am going to be needing a drink when the 800mg of ibuprofen I just took wears off.

How is everyone else doing with their yuletide plans and preprations?
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